Our partners

We learned a lot from our craftsmen. The art of craftsmanship is often associated with know-how handed down from generation to generation with ancestral techniques in small workshops and with few means. The luxury is always associated with innovation and they know it. They are often very good in communication, have beautiful websites, very well provided social network accounts, they move to New York or Tokyo to go lay gold leaf on an elevator shaft, not to mention their tools of production that are at the forefront of technology.



So why do they continue to work with us?


There is several reasons. The first is simple, we give them work easily and open the door to wonderful sites. They know that if they work with us on the offer, together we have a good chance of doing the project. There are many projects that they would not be able to answer because the costs of study are very expensive, that they could not have incurred.

Moreover, when they are our subcontractors, the craftsmen avoid a lot of administrative procedures that we facilitate them by being general contractor.On large sites, we have the means to obtain financial advances, so that they can buy their materials or start with study for the development of the project, and we provide them financial security!

Our partners are always paid by the hour, the additional work always discussed as work progresses. For all these reasons our craftsmen are faithful to us. We allow them to work serenely and develop their art!