Ateliers Gohard, partner of PLENDI

Among the art craftsmen with recognized know-how, with whom PLENDI has teamed up to create the interiors of his homes, is Ateliers Gohard. Founded in 1962, this family-owned company, which cultivates tradition, is specialized in gilding and decorative painting. The ancestral gestures are reproduced today with meticulousness.

The Ateliers Gohard signed their first major project with the renovation of the Château de Beauharnais. The gilding of the Dome of the Invalides? That’s their work, as well as those of the Pont Alexandre III. They also worked on the renovation of the Statue of Liberty in New York, as well as on many prestigious projects.

Ateliers Gohard: a partner of choice

It will be understood: with Ateliers Gohard, it is all about a prestigious know-how that ensures PLENDI for the renovation of exceptional areas, among which large hotels or prestigious buildings. Do you dream of the roofs of the Château de Versailles or gilding grilles? Know that the Ateliers Gohard worked there. And also the sparkling domes of the Orthodox Church of Quai Branly, which transformed the image of this district of Paris. As you can imagine, the Ateliers Gohard are still using the method of gold leaf gilding. Since 2012, the company has turned to decorative painting. A new skill that allowed Ateliers Gohard to participate in the complete renovation of the interiors of the Ritz hotel or the famous Crillon hotel.

Galerie des Glaces, Versailles
Galerie des Glaces, Versailles

The renovation between tradition and modernity

Ateliers Gohard are working on today’s construction sites, but these exceptional craftsmen bring all the traditional know-how of French-style interior


Their ambition is also to transmit and perpetuate crafts and know-how whose techniques date back to past centuries, those where France has seen lavish castles like Vaux-le-Vicomte or Versailles. The new craftsmen are trained directly on the sites, in order to maintain the old professions of the interior decoration. Ateliers Gohard make French crafts sparkle all over the world. Luxury is not the final goal, but gilding is at the service of the aesthetics of spaces. The golds that shine the newly renovated monuments with new brilliance are there, finally, only to magnify the lines, emphasize a detail, put the last touch.



A tradition that makes all the difference


Today, the Ateliers Gohard are the only ones in the world to master a typically French technique of gilding, called ‘reparure’.


Inherited from the 18th century, this technique has been passed on from generation to generation. All renovations are done in the respect of the styles of different eras. Today, Ateliers Gohard have expanded their range of services, putting their ancestral know-how at the service of contemporary design. The high-end services of the company are therefore no longer reserved solely for the restoration of historic monuments, but the know-how is at the service of large projects of individuals, who wish to take advantage of all the expertise of Atliers Gohard.