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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Vincent Marot, Chief Technical Services Officer

Vincent Marot, Chief Technical Services Officer

“There are three big projects that we have carried out with PLENDI. The construction of our Parisian hotel in 2010, rue Saint Honoré, for which we have restructured and transformed old office buildings. And in 2018, we worked on the total renovation of our London palace, in an occupied site, and on the transformation of the suites of our Parisian hotel to create our beautiful “Parisian apartment”.


To make a palace, the requirement is absolutely at all levels. The technicality and the quality of the finishes are important, as well as the respect of the deadlines for our cash flow. I think that one of the main qualities of PLENDI is to team up with their customers and thanks to their experience, they know how to anticipate very early on the real needs, which are recurrent among us hoteliers. This is the world in which they operate and whose codes they know perfectly well. They know how to communicate with each actor in the projects, such as architects, decorators and of course all their partners and craftsmen. They know how to approach all technical or financial subjects very easily and clearly with us, which allows a good relationship of trust. And also they are passionate about decoration, materials, and challenges, always in search of beauty.


I will be delighted to start working with them again on projects so decisive for our brand, because I know that their kindness will inevitably be there. “

Sybille de Margerie

Sybille De Margerie, Présidente SYBILLE DE MARGERIE

Sybille De Margerie, Présidente SYBILLE DE MARGERIE

“My first collaboration with PLENDI dates back to 2010 for the Parisian Mandarin Oriental project. Our relationship was immediately established on trust, respect and commitment, the guarantee of success for this very beautiful experience. It was a important and ambitious challenge, up to the prestige of the Mandarin Oriental brand and PLENDI was able to transcribe with us exactly what I had designed, with the expected quality. The combination of our know-how, our creativity and implementation, allowed us to give the best of ourselves.


More recently we collaborated on a luxury private residence project. For this achievement, I suggested to my client to choose PLENDI for their sophisticated approach and their search for perfection in every detail. Once again, their teams have listened to and respected our requirements. We were able to exchange and integrate the desired modifications in complete transparency, through consultations carried out jointly with artists, craftsmen and specialists in luxurious renovations, for the complete satisfaction of our client.”

Boutique Cartier

13 rue de la Paix, Paris 8

Cartier Paris - 13 rue de la Paix : haute joaillerie, montres, accessoires au 13 rue de la Paix - Cartier« Plendi demonstrated its competencies to manage a project Cartier, 13 rue de la Paix, with a high level of technical complexity, to ensure a flawless design’s development and implementation, and to smartly coordinate all stakeholders.



Anticipation of client needs, understanding of the objectives and priorities, very high commitment, strong agility, these are Plendi’s strengths.



Last, the cost management has been a key factor in the success of 13 Paix. First and foremost an accurate bidding, including thorough estimation for the uncertain items (provisional sum / place holder), then a strong skill when it comes to value engineer.



In a nutshell : quality, budget and schedule met our expectations. »

Boutique Cartier, 13 rue de la Paix
Julien Guenegou
International Construction Director
Cartier International