Experts in luxury

PLENDI is a brand that deals exclusively with prestige construction projects, and our dedicated teams of experts take a holistic approach to bring to life the full creative potential of each project.

Paying meticulous attention to detail at every level of the scheme, we:

  • understand and integrate the interior designer’s requirements
  • build in state-of-the-art technology
  • handle materials and finishes with finesse born of experience
  • deliver exceptional standards of workmanship.

We love our work, and our appreciation of fine architecture and sensual materials – combined with a spirit of innovation – guarantees you results that live up to your expectations.
Our teams are painstakingly methodical right from the outset of a project, so all your requirements are anticipated.

« Because your project has to be perfect, we keep an eye on the details at every level. »


Creativity from start to finish

PLENDI can bring its expertise to bear on all or part of your project, offering a wide array of complementary services in addition to construction:

– architectural design

– interior design

– layout and fitting out

– materials expertise

– procurement of equipment and furnishings.

Our service is tailored around you, whether you want support during the entire project or only during specific stages.

Our team steps in whenever you wish and adapts to your changing needs as the project moves forward. Our approach is totally client-focused – nothing is set in stone and at each key point we come up with the solution that offers the best fit. Whatever your requirements, your dedicated PLENDI project manager will always be on hand to drive the project forward and coordinate our in-house and external teams.

PLENDI integrates the most innovative engineering, design and materials technologies into clients’ projects, including the use of BIM – Building Information Modelling – so clients can follow the scheme in virtual reality from design through to the final stages.

« Because your project is unique, we work with your requirements to give it its individual character. »


Orchestrating skills of distinction

PLENDI brings together leading-edge expertise in design, construction and finishings for the prestige sector.
Our French and international teams trained at the best engineering, art and design schools, and they understand the codes and standards that distinguish the world of luxury.

To complement PLENDI’s in-house skills, our extensive project portfolio has given us ample opportunity over the years to identify and recruit the best artisans worldwide. Our teams work hand in hand with them to bring your creative vision to life. As our bonds with our artisans deepen, they shape the spirit of excellence that unites us.

« Because your project deserves the finest craftsmanship, our teams’ artistic sensibilities are balanced by their technical rigour. »


Meeting all your expectations

Beyond the spirit of excellence we bring to our work, PLENDI makes every client relationship a unique experience. For us, expertise and service go hand in hand.
Throughout your project, we listen carefully and build a relationship with you based on attentiveness and integrity.

We are available at all times to anticipate your expectations and bring your vision to life.

Our employees take an exemplary approach to their work and we are committed individually and collectively to the PLENDI Code of Conduct.

« Because satisfying your expectations is our top priority, we respond to each of your requests with undivided attention and respect »


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