A custom renovation that meets your wishes: this is the guarantee offered by PLENDI

PLENDI by VINCI Construction realizes only exceptional, high-end projects. It’s the key of our success!

Being a “pure player” is what allows us to reach the level of excellence and quality, expected by our customers. As for every art, craft or sport discipline, it’s not just work that counts. The repetition of gestures, the multitude of challenges encountered, our network of artisans and the knowledge of our customers, architects and decorators make us the specialists in luxury construction.

Expertise and creativity

The first flagship project was the creation of the hotel Mandarin Oriental Paris, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. In the process, another project was born – a castle. The construction was the replica of the castle of Vaux-Le-Vicomte. The new project was launched. The challenges were hard. And more than that. The construction sites demanded hard work of all teams, due to high expectations of the clients and decorators, and short deadlines. The first bookings of the rooms are made, the staff is in training, there is a huge economic pressure. Finally, the Mandarin Oriental, Paris was open on time, the famous distinction “Palace” has been acquired and the grail for us, the satisfaction and the trust of the customer with whom we are still working on others projects. Château de Louveciennes is one of the world’s most beloved places of privacy, and the customer has also been proven with confidence.

Thanks to our project, we have met so many craftsmen who had opened their universe to us, their beautiful materials and workmanship. The meeting with interior designers Sybille De Margerie and Patrick Jouin-Sanjit Manku was decisive, understanding their expectations and their requirements. Among others, our next projects were the extension of Shangri La Paris with Pierre-Yves Rochon as interior designer, The Peninsua Hotel Paris with Richard Martinet, and numerous apartments and private mansions.

Mandarin Oriental Paris

Customized renovation with a global approach

The luxury brand of VINCI Construction was born from the strength of the group, our know-how and the spirit of shared entrepreneurship. The strategy was simple: to be “pure player”, to focus on luxury!

We have since expanded our value chain, allowing us to offer our clients the custom offer they needed and we became an international player.

Today, thanks to our organization, we can go everywhere in France and worldwide, and in 2016 we opened a subsidiary in London, where we delivered in 2019 the Mandarin Oriental hotel in collaboration with Joyce Wang as interior designer.

Our role is to be the conductor of very high-end construction projects and to be able to offer you a custom-made contract. For the opening of the first BULGARI hotel in Paris, we offered a special menu to meet the wishes of our client. We are in charge of structural work, the architectural and decorative synthesis, site management and a consulting (construction in luxury hotel).

Another example of our agility, is the signing the PCSA (Pre Construction Service Agreement). We agree on a budget envelope, a construction, final decoration project and a deadline. Thus, we work together to define with the customer team the project in every detail! It’s always a success for us, a huge time saver, and a financial guarantee for the customers.

For some residential projects, we manage the heavy rehabilitation, digging to 20 meters deep to build a pool or a nightclub, all in the heart of Paris, and at the end we worked jointly with the decorator and the client to choose the curtains, that we pose ourselves. This is our business model, be highly specialized in luxury construction and able to offer a very wide range of services.