PLENDI, your luxury apartment in Paris with an experienced partner

The details that make the difference


In our business, the construction of high-end projects, PLENDI works on all the trades and has developed an expertise on the architectural trades


When you enter the lobby of a 5-star hotel or in a luxury apartment, you are often impressed by the beauty of the place. That place is the work of dozens of trades together, hundreds of men and women who have spent thousands of hours. We are the conductors, we love their values, the care they put in their work and the know-how they transmit.


appartement paris


We have developed the network of the best craftsmen in many fields and we have very strong relationships with them. We know the best marble makers, gilders, plasterer, decorative painters.

We know where to find porcelain paste mosaics for a swimming pool, ostrich leather for the coverings of the bedside tables, antique lead mirrors, and Chanel’s feather specialist could be the one who will imagine an artistic, unique installation or an assembler that will be able to build in a few weeks cedar wood cabinets for the 300 rooms of your luxury apartment. We know where to find them and we spend a lot of time looking for them. It is a perpetual search.


The Peninsula, Paris


We attend the specialized trade shows such as Hostys connect and we are partners of the exhibition AD Matières d’art, which is a unique moment where the best French craftsmen are invited to show their know-how, and  the exhibition organized by AD (Architectural Digest), the most professional and specialized magazine of interior architecture. We visit regularly the production sites in Italy for marble (The careers of Carrara have no secret for us), the Italian and Portuguese designers and of course in France! And we bring them everywhere with us! Whether your project is in the heart of Paris or on the other side of the world.