Luxury decoration : PLENDI is surrounded by renowned interior designers

VINCI Construction’s luxury brand PLENDI was born of the passion of its founders for luxury hotels, high-end decoration and the entrepreneurial spirit of the world’s major companies in this sector.




The brand created in 2016 “from scratch” by Xavier ARM and Christophe PICARD is aimed at two categories of customers, 5-star hotels and private customers aesthetes and wealthy. PLENDI has developed a tailor-made offer to meet the expectations of its customers, whether for a council or for a turnkey project, from foundations to the purchase of small spoons (OS&E).

Mandarin Oriental, Paris
Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Materials, style, concept

In our references, you will find only high-end achievements – 5 star hotels or luxury residential. Thanks to Sybille de MargerieJouin & MankuJoyce WangDTAACTihaniWinch DesignGilles et BoissierPierre-Yves Rochon (in particular). Our successes are linked. More they trust us, more time for them to create, which is the very essence of their job, and more work for us. A virtuous circle!

For us, the definition of a luxury project is the final level of decoration. It is neither the price nor the name of the client, nor the reputation of a project, it is the richness of the finishes and decoration of the project.

We are proud of our projects where where marbles of calacatta, rub shoulders with handmade tapestries, where the pools are made with mosaics in stone of glass, where wall fabrics in silk thread face those decorated with frescoes with gold leaf … The chandeliers do not pass through the doors and the wallpapers are posed by the artists who designed them. It is a job to know all the best craftsmen in Europe, to have their confidence, to be able to bring them on our projects at the other corner of the world, to know the right price of things and of their work. Just like in the prestigious hotels for which we have the chance to work.

It requires a special know-how to apprehend this type of work, Because often, the final decoration imagined by a client and its interior designer requires constructive modes determined from the early stages of the project. It is experience to know that the TVs of a 5 star hotel are very heavy and that it is necessary to reinforce them specifically, to know how to seal a swimming pool at 20 meters deep in the basements of big cities.

A special feature, signed by PLENDI, the technical and architectural synthesis is done internally by our teams of architects. An efficiency booster!