PLENDI, a luxury interior design specialist

We are often asked for the definition of a luxury project. It is a notion that leads to confusion when we explain that we cannot do this emblematic project or that mammoth project. What we believe defines a PLENDI by VINCI Construction project is the interior design that will conclude the project.


Belonging to the microcosm of luxury interior design

It is by expertly coordinating all the trades and crafts needed, where we prove our added value; why we exist and why we are successful. This is why we choose to work only on sites where the decoration is luxurious, very detailed, very technical, and, in short, very demanding, and this is how we get to work on the most prestigious projects. Contracting a renowned interior designer, who takes inspiration from your personality to imagine and create decor in which you would like to live and entertain your friends, family, and colleagues by necessity requires means. The interior designer you choose will design spaces that represent you and that are unique, like you.  And they will sublimate them with beautiful, elegant, and rare materials for an extraordinary experience. This is our definition of luxury and it is neither the size of the project, nor the fame of the customer’s name, nor the amount of work that matters.





Our core business therefore leads us to work exclusively on five-star luxury hotels and very high-end private residences, including luxury villas, mansions, stately homes, and prestigious apartments. Our dream project? Would be to work on Flagship Stores for major fashion or jewellery brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, or Christian Dior, but keep that to yourself! Projects in the luxury fashion environment would allow us to work with new renowned interior designers who, with these types of achievements, can imagine the wildest spaces, offering the brand for which they design the opportunity to establish their image, to define it, and to differentiate itself from the competition. In these beautiful stores, the interior design takes precedence along with the desire and the constraint of high footfall which is a less common phenomenon in our projects.


An interior design team


Whatever project we are working on will necessarily meet the criteria for high-end decoration mentioned above, thus allowing our teams to express their passion and bring them to life, because, at PLENDI by VINCI Construction, one of our special features is that we have a team of architects and interior designers. Their primary vocation is not to design, but this pool of architects allows us to work on all technical and architectural syntheses for all our projects in-house. They work hand in hand with the interior designers to which the projects are entrusted, speak the same language, and liaise with our work teams. This is really one of our keys to success!