High-end decoration for an exceptional property project

A high-end project would not be complete without rich and sophisticated decoration. This is the quintessence of PLENDI by VINCI Construction’s projects. All through mastering and coordinating all the trades necessary for a new construction or a major refurbishment or renovation project, our brand’s strong design identity shines out in the most refined and boldest decoration projects which are also the most demanding.



Luxury materials embellishing an exceptional design


A specialised and luxurious decorative project demands extensive expertise. Throughout these lavish projects, PLENDI coordinates the craftsmen and artisans we work with regularly, whom we trust and who pass much of their knowledge on to us.



Our teams include materials specialists, for whom Carrara marble or Onyx have no secrets, or who know how to unearth the artist who will conduct a colour study to restore the coats of arms identical to those dating from the 15th century on historic ceilings. Have a gilt glass mirror sent from New York – simple. A mosaic representing a KLIMT painting, the Crillon ceiling, your walls encrusted with SWAROVSKI crystal, old stained-glass windows while also having bulletproof glass already fitted… We have an appetite for these challenges. Beautiful materials, rare materials and unique works are fields we excel in, both researching them and accomplishing them.



Plaza Athénée, Paris

Plaza Athénée, Paris

Stylish high-end decoration, product of unique expertise



As we gain experience, we have had the pleasure of working alongside the big names in interior design, such as the emblematic Sybille DE MARGERIE, Joyce WANG, TIHANY DESIGN, WINCH DESIGN and GILLES & BOISSIER or Pierre-Yves ROCHON. Prestigious names who make a whole programme by themselves! Different organisations, different characters, different styles, but always the same requirement. Perfect finishes, to enhance the jewelled caskets they have imagined for their customers as much as possible.


Satisfying them means satisfying our customers. It’s more than a collaboration that starts at the beginning of the project, it has to be a real partnership with our customer’s satisfaction as the common daily theme. One of the advantages that interior designers recognise at Plendi, beyond our commitment and our skills, is our decorative experience. With our experience and by including many interior designers in our teams, we quickly understand each other. This reduces the time-consuming task of decorators, keeping track of the work. Their core business is designing, leave them in peace to create.


Our expertise. is recognised in this microcosm, the universe of high-end decoration. We have a duty to be beyond reproach and to have our customers’ trust, because loyalty to everyone in this world is fundamental!





Odéon, Paris