PLENDI, luxury renovation specialist

PLENDI by VINCI Construction was created in 2016 as the luxury brand of the leading French construction company. We aim for ultra-specialisation in the renovation of luxury properties to best satisfy our customers.


Expertise in luxury property renovation


Renovating luxury apartments or a Château or building five-star hotels that aspire to the French palace standard is a unique field. It is a very different profession than that of building or renovating high-rise buildings (skyscrapers), legendary stadiums, or emblematic bridges. The technologies used are different and the projects do not have the same constraints and challenges. Having experts as colleagues, who master these skills, is an undeniable asset for us. When installing a colossal glass roof or a complex facade, we can rely on our group’s Methods Department with which we regularly work.


Our belonging to VINCI Construction, while remaining a restricted brand, is one of our great strengths. We have no cash flow issues, we are assisted by legal, financial, and purchasing departments and by the Grands Projets subsidiary when we work on an international project.

An international network for luxury renovation projects


We can work on major projects all over the world on an extensive range of assignments by relying on the group and its local stakeholders. When a luxury property renovation project is launched outside the Paris region, we partner with a subsidiary of VINCI Construction France and send a first PLENDI team at the start of structural works to work alongside the local subsidiary, which has the knowledge and the network to efficiently carry out structural work, BSE, and shell and core work. They know local suppliers and subcontractors, the authorities, and, already at this stage, we are at their side for all exchanges with the customer, construction design and working drawings, the technical and architectural synthesis, and, especially, with the vision of the final design project in mind.

Luxury property renovation – PLENDI’s most prestigious projects


Over the course of the project, and, in particular, when selecting and contracting high-quality craftsmen, the PLENDI team grows until the final acceptance of the project. This is how we worked on the Miramar Hotel in Crouesty (56), the Jean Monnet cellars in Cognac (16), and the Vista hotels in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (06) and Carlton in Cannes (06).


When we work on projects abroad, we use the same methodological process with the international subsidiary V.C.G.P. (VINCI Construction Grands Projets) and its many branches around the world. It is with the international subsidiary that we built the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London. No matter where we go, we always take our craftsmen with us. They’re crossing oceans more and more to promote French craftsmanship, bringing their world-renowned expertise and sought after French touch!