Renovating palaces, a speciality of Plendi by Vinci Construction

Plendi has countless 5-star hotels or palaces to its credit. An activity started and developed by its founders from 2010, when all Paris’ prestigious hotels had to get facelifts with the arrival of the new Palaces category. What’s more, PLENDI has worked on 4 out of the 11 Parisian palaces.



Plendi’s vision of a luxury hotel: very specific know-how


As in every discipline, it takes hard work to become the best. Starting from this well-known principle, Plendi adopted a ‘pure player’ strategy. We only work on luxury projects and half our business is done for hotels. This is how we have developed real expertise for these achievements. Unlike private residential projects, that are occupied by a family often for a few months of the year, a hotel receives huge numbers of customers. The standards and constraints are highly regulated and specific. You don’t design a hotel kitchen or bedroom in the same way as for a villa, nor do you build it in the same way. All our feedback gained through this type of project amounts to real added value. Most have become reflexes for us, but also for our customers, because we share them. Even if major hotel chains still have highly knowledgeable technical departments and often have very good advisers when undertaking the main structural work, it goes without saying that this is not the core business of a hotel chain. Work of this scale is not trifling. The hotel’s image can be at stake for between 18 months and 4 years, as well as its financial health.


Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Creating unique and refined settings, a passionate business


We have had the opportunity to have worked on more than a dozen of the largest palace renovation projects in Paris, France or abroad. These references demonstrate our skills and our customers’ testimonials are the best possible reward, their loyalty is the best evidence of their satisfaction, our daily aim. Like the staff in these hotels, when we do our jobs we do our best to given them the best possible experience!

And to share it, this experience, because we are passionate about it! But who wouldn’t be? We work on sites that often require highly technical expertise, with ambitious constraints (underpinning in the middle of Paris; refurbishing hotels without closing them; haute couture districts of capital cities, it’s classy, but fairly impractical for bringing in materials, etc.), we work for hotel names that make dreams and we coordinate bygone building trades to execute exceptional decorative projects, conceived by star interior designers!

Our business is unique and we love it.