Sofrastyl, partner of Plendi

Among the specialized companies, the PLENDI partners, figure Sofrastyl.


Expert in the realization of staffs and stucco for luxury interiors, we had the chance to collaborate many times with Sofrastyl, both on luxury hotel renovations and on high-end apartments. The company works in France and on international projects. Prestige buildings and new exceptional homes are sublimated by the work of Sofrastyl.

Staffs by Sofrastyl

The staff is a material based on plaster and tow, while the stucco allows to reconstruct patterns and reliefs that evoke the stone. The stone is not extracted from a quarry, as for classical stone, but reconstituted based on plaster and lime, a mixture that can be tinted to evoke minerals of different natures. The goal of staffs and stucco? Beautify homes, especially ceilings, with both a signature and a style. This one can vary, be as well old as modern, the period of Empire or Grand Siècle. Treat yourself to Sofrastyl with antique moldings or sumptuous rosettes. A great way to escape the standardization of ceilings and give your home a truly unique touch.


The prestige achievements


Sofrastyl worked on the decoration of the Hotel Crillon in Paris. From standard rooms to prestige suites, to public areas such as the hair salon, the company has set its mark and gave this unique hotel a unique atmosphere. Real works of art can be admired. The Crillon gains a real personality, thanks to the creativity of Sofrastyl craftsmen. The partnership with PLENDI is based on mutual enrichment and is fundamentally based on exchange.



Between tradition and innovation


Sofrastyl adheres to PLENDI’s quality charter. Its teams of experts assist clients in their renovation and decoration projects and ensure their constant listening. They ensure that deadlines are met and offer fully customized services. The corporate culture values ??a successful association between respect for tradition, with the know-how inherited from past centuries, and innovation.


To these skills we can add a culture focused on progress and innovation. Sofrastyl specialists optimize each project and do not hesitate to create manufacturing processes adapted to every construction site. All the achievements are made to measure.

The companies chosen by PLENDI have advanced skills in their field. Whether you are looking for a 17th or 18th century inspired project or want a contemporary interior, do not hesitate to let yourself be tempted by the stucco, the staff and the many possibilities offered by these materials.