Gilles & Boissier, partner of PLENDI

Created in 2005, the agency Gilles & Boissier is today inseparable from a certain notion of Parisian chic. The two partners, Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, are complementary in their approach to interior design. At Gilles & Boissier, furniture plays a key role. It is no longer reduced to simply promoting architecture or buildings: on the contrary, it must tell a story. This resolutely contemporary concept is also making its way. One could even say that he is about to impose himself in the trade.

Gilles & Boissier, interior design

Specialized in the renovation or construction of exceptional homes, from luxury apartments to sumptuous mansions, through unique places, full of history, or large hotels around the world, PLENDI is surrounded by talented designers with whom he builds partnerships. The aim is to offer PLENDI’s customers top-of-the-range services, both for the renovation of buildings and for interior decoration. Gilles & Boissier come today to join big names like Sybille de Margerie or Pierre Yves Rochon. They bring a touch of freshness, resolutely contemporary, which pleases our customers. Hotels, restaurants, shops, private residences, but also exhibitions: the activity of decorators Gilles & Boissier is resolutely eclectic, marked by an assertive style and a very sure taste.


Mandarin Oriental Paris
Mandarin Oriental Paris

Merger of contrary

Gilles & Boissier is a little fusion of opposites, as the two partners like to explain, like yin and the yang. One of the main features of this unusual duo of interior designers is freedom. Gilles & Boissier do not lock themselves into any style. They love to provoke the unexpected as much as to arouse emotion. The two creators designed several restaurants Hakkasan, Moncler shops around the world, but also private projects for Rémo Ruffini or many luxury hotels. The international consecration came with two exceptional projects, made in 2015: the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Marrakech and the Baccarat in New York.

Gilles & Boissier develops a fluid style, while moving. Their creations are distinguished by a constant search for meaning, as if the couple of interior architects sought above all to tell a story. The goal of Gilles & Boissier is not only the search for aesthetics. The agency is perfect for all PLENDI customers looking for a personal vision, not to mention committed interior decoration. However, even if the two founders of Gilles & Boissier have their convictions and know how to share, they are also able to adapt to the demand of their customers. Noble materials, clean lines, inspiring associations: the interiors designed by Gilles & Boissier undoubtedly have a soul and will not leave you indifferent, especially as they will interpret your best wishes.