FRUGAL – new exposition dedicated to sustainable design


FRUGAL – new exposition dedicated to sustainable design

PLENDI by VINCI Construction was the partner of the FRUGAL, a new annual exposition organized by the L’Association pour un Design Soutenable on the occasion of Paris Design Week, at the Hôtel de Coulanges from September 9 to 19, 2021 .

The exhibition brought together more than 30 designers, landscapers and creatives, in search of a resilient and timeless aestheticism, through innovative techniques and materials. FRUGAL is a zero waste, zero plastic, 100% natural materials exhibition, which aims to boost new momentum around ecological transition, in the fields of design, architecture and landscape, in order to raise awareness of the public and show that design can offer sustainable solutions.

The scenography was imagined and designed by Sophia Goigoux Becker as a mix of material library of objects, furniture and plants and wild gardens designed by the landscape-naturalist Nicolas Deshais-Fernandez and the Atelier NDF.

Visitors had the opportunity to see objects made by L’Atelier Lucile Viaud (winner of the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris 2018) and Hors Studio (winners of the Grand Prix of the City of Paris 2020) which offer a second life to shellfish and crustaceans by transforming them into sea plaster and other fully biodegradable materials. Atelier Gwilen transforms marine sediments – clay, sand, salt, algae residues into materials for design and architecture – a 100% mineral material.

In the same vein, the French company SCALE manufactures stone coatings from fish scales harvested from fishmongers and fishermen, then crushed to obtain a powder.

Also the Cycle Terre project, which aims to recycle earth excavated from construction sites to create decorative objects – a world first. The other workshops and designers who took part in the exhibition are Anna Saint-Pierre who reincarnates construction waste in innovative coatings, Studiofoam which reuses semi-vegetable leather, Pauline Esparon, Marion Seignan, La double clique, Montaine R..

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