Les Rencards du Beau – Session 2

Les Rencards du Beau – Session 2

PLENDI had the honor of collaborating with “Où est le beau ?” by Hélène Aguilar and Franklin Azzi Architecture, an architecture, interior architecture, design and contemporary art agency. In order to create the second session of the Dating Beauty.

On December 6, 2023 took place a new session of the Dates of Beauty organized by PLENDI and Hélène Aguilar of “Où est le beau ?” Franklin Azzi Architecture in Paris.
It focused on fertile strategies and crossroads in luxury hotels.

During this morning, we welcomed Pierre Gilbert, prospectivist, author and co-founder of Sator. Pierre came to share with us how the latest discoveries can color our understanding of the decarbonization ambitions of the construction field and to Johanna Wagner, consultant and university and professional teacher of the hotel industry, to have challenged our audience on the successful levers and prospects for luxury hospitality.

You will be able to view the reruns of these famous mornings by clicking on this link : Les Rencards Du beau – Les Rencards Du beau – Décember 2023

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