Biennial Amour Vivant

Biennial Amour Vivant

PLENDI partner of the AMOUR VIVANT exhibition

The AMOUR VIVANT biennial is the first cultural ecology biennial in France.

Following the success of the first edition, entitled “Frugal” in 2021, the Association pour un Design Soutenable has become a benchmark in France for the promotion of virtuous and sustainable creative practices in the field of design.

This year’s event, which took place from 12 to 22 October and was entitled “Amour Vivant” (Living Love), was a vibrant tribute to life, and was conceived both as a journey to the land of solutions for the times ahead and as an ode to the love of life and the earth.

This year was another success, with over 20,000 visitors!

And as one of the exhibition’s sponsors, we are delighted to have been right alongside them all the way.

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