Striving to be the best in prestige construction

Getting involved with PLENDI by VINCI Construction is not just a matter of working with a team with many years of experience in prestige construction. It also means working with PLENDI personalities, defined, in particular, by a relational attitude, a passion, and shared expertise.

Prestigious international projects

In our sector of activity, we are facing globalisation. This is the same for many others, of course, but it is perhaps at a faster pace than for some of our construction colleagues. We have therefore had shape our teams to meet this fundamental challenge of globalising our prestigious projects, our customers, and the craftsmen and artists with whom we enjoy working. The three important issues which now need to be considered within our entity are interpersonal skills (business etiquette), interculturality, and mobility.

During recruitment, we always try to find talents who are passionate, curious, have a real appetite for our specialty, and are open to the world. Being able to speak several languages, being multi-cultural, and having had experiences abroad (trips, sports challenges, internships, or expatriations) are assets in this environment.

Mandarin Oriental Londres

Today, even when we are working in France, English is essential and, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese are a plus in our dealing with our customers and craftsmen. It may sound obvious, but in the world of construction it is not (yet!).

Mobility is also one of the challenges of our trade. Three years in London, two years in Cannes, four years in Kiev … it is not always easy to find the right human resources ready to disrupt their daily lives and their families. One of our challenges is to succeed in recruiting these pearls.

Expert profiles for prestigious projects

Regarding the interpersonal skills mentioned above, we are fortunate to have set up, with the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), training exclusively dedicated to our brand and to prestige construction. Every member of all our site teams follows this course a few months after being recruited. This three-day course takes place directly on the campus of the most renowned hotel management school in the world. It is about transmitting our values of service, essential in prestige construction, to our teams. Engineering is obvious, but our attitude and the experience we want our customer to have is why they will remain loyal to us. The fundamentals of this course are luxury conventions, customer experience, and service.

Two of PLENDI’s mantras are ‘Everyone is the customer of the other’ and ‘Always do a little more than expected to surprise pleasantly’. Through these two ideas, we want to spread kindness that will be felt by our end customers thanks to the harmony, serenity, and efficiency of our projects.

Our customers are demanding and most of our customers are not construction professionals. They have no deadline constraints, they are emotional, they change their minds, hesitate, and modify the project in progress. This may be a puzzle for our competitors, but not for us, because we have been trained for it.