Since 2016, construction giant VINCI Construction has created the PLENDI brand to respond to the development of high-end worksites. Palaces, private residences, luxury boutiques, the construction company offers its customers comprehensive services, surrounded by experienced interior architects and craftsmen with unrivalled expertise, for wonderfully orchestrated projects. Dedicated to the construction and renovation of prestige hotels, boutique developments and private mansions in the luxury sector in France and abroad, PLENDI by VINCI Construction has become a benchmark in the execution of top-of-the-range works. Acknowledged as the pure player and conductor of construction projects, always at the top end of the market, PLENDI is the guarantor of a carefully coordinated and executed project. Now it’s time for a presentation with Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Cartier boutique 13 rue de la Paix, Paris. ©Cartier

PLENDI by VINCI Construction, the Group’s luxury entity

Backed by 30 years of experience, VINCI Construction has been responsible for a number of large-scale, high-profile projects, including the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the renovations of La Samaritaine and Roland Garros. In the same vein, PLENDI by VINCI Construction supports professionals and private individuals in the renovation of exceptional properties.

PLENDI’s strength? Years of experience in the building industry, listening to its customers, putting its high standards and know-how at the service of a creative vision, and offering innovative solutions. It’s a comprehensive expertise that’s firmly rooted in the world of luxury. The proof is in the many exceptional projects signed by PLENDI, such as the Carlton hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, the Shangri-La, the Cartier boutique and the new Carita beauty salon. And one of the keys to success is certainly knowing our capacity and resources, and limiting the number of projects we take on.

Carita Beauty House in Paris. Architects Studio REV. ©Vladimir Partalo

Hand-in-hand projects with renowned architects

For each project, the PLENDI by VINCI Construction general contractor works in close collaboration with the architect(s) and decorator(s) who initiated the project. It’s a team effort: “We (editor’s note: PLENDI) are involved from the shell to the finishing touches,” explains Mathilde Dion, the brand’s Development Director. With its teams and powerful network of experts, PLENDI follows the project from A to Z.

PLENDI has been involved in a number of exceptional establishments, such as the first Bvlgari Hotel in Paris, designed by the Valode & Pistre architectural firm and decorated by the Italian Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel agency. The general contractor has also worked with other big names in architecture and design, including Sybille de Margerie, Pierre-Yves Rochon, Gilles & Boissier, Tristan Auer, Liaigre and Laura Gonzalez, all of whom can be found on Signatures Singulières Magazine!


The ecological transition at the heart of every project

In addition to offering an excellent service, PLENDI is increasingly concerned about building with less impact on the planet. “We work harder to produce better,” says Mathilde Dion. Indeed, the VINCI Group brings together many tools to ensure that its projects are as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s a culture that drives the group and that PLENDI seeks to introduce into each of its projects by playing the role of specifier and by organising meetings, for example, like the “Les rencards du beau” event. “The idea is to invite inspirational people to talk about their innovations,” confides Mathilde. And their commitment doesn’t stop there. PLENDI by VINCI Construction was also a partner of the “Amour Vivant” biennial event, presented by the Association pour un Design Soutenable and held last October in Paris. The idea was to highlight innovations in bio-sourced and petrochemical-free materials. Building with meaning is also the PLENDI signature.

Dior boutique avenue Montaigne, Paris.

Interview with Mathilde Dion
Director of development for the PLENDI by VINCI Construction brand.

How did the brand come into being ?

Mathilde Dion : In 2015, the construction sector was in crisis. We were looking to reinvent ourselves. At VINCI Construction, we had some good experience on high-end projects. But that represented only a tiny fraction of our projects. So we decided that this was the type of project we wanted to work on and that if we wanted to see them through to the end, if we wanted to develop our skills, we needed to create a dedicated entity. That’s how PLENDI by VINCI Construction, the first luxury brand in the construction industry, came into being.

What services does PLENDI offer ?

Mathilde Dion : We are a general contractor, which means that we are the orchestra conductor for all the subcontractors, craftsmen and artisans on a site. Although we’re best known for the quality of our finishes and our experience in managing complex projects, one of our great strengths is the structural work we do with our site workers. We know Parisian basements inside out, and often dig them to add swimming pools, nightclubs or technical facilities. Our customers come to us for our knowledge of beauty, but they choose us above all for our technical expertise.

What is a typical site like ?

Mathilde Dion :At the outset of the project, the customer, whether an individual or a company, defines the intentions of the worksite with the chosen architect. PLENDI by VINCI Construction then steps in to carry out the work, working with its own network of craftsmen and artisans. In all, the brand has around fifty expert partners. These include marble mason Jean-Pierre Ildei, Sofrastyl, Ateliers Gohard for painting and gilding, Atelier Midavaine for lacquering, Lison de Caunes for straw marquetry, and many more…

What is your biggest project to date ?

Mathilde Dion : All our projects are important and resonate with PLENDI. But if I had to choose just one, it would be the Mandarin Oriental in Paris. For the record, the teams at the Mandarin Oriental entrusted us with their project when we didn’t yet have any references in the luxury sector, or even in hotels. That was in 2010. It was a very difficult project, but also a very instructive one. In fact, it was this project that aroused our curiosity and our taste and pushed us to launch ourselves. A few years later, Le Mandarin Oriental contacted us again to take charge of the Mandarin Oriental site in London. We then worked together again on the suites at the Paris address. A true partnership was created.

What projects are you currently working on ?

Mathilde Dion : a sublime private mansion on the Quais Malaquais and a private residence in Juan-Les-Pins. We are also working on the renovation of all the rooms and suites in a Parisian luxury hotel. A jewel in the hotel industry, but be quiet, because the work is being carried out while the hotel is still open…
and our value here is to blend in with the decor. As you can imagine, our projects are very confidential, but if you take a look around Place Vendôme, we’re working on a flagship store.

Hôtel particulier Potocki in Paris. ©Gilles de Laubier
Carlton Hotel in Cannes. ©Tomatoki