PLENDI: high-end construction

While we are most frequently associated with building prestigious hotels, our luxury brand also does a lot of work for very exclusive residential projects.


Since our clients are private individuals, our obligation for confidentiality for little communication about them; however, more than half of our projects are designed for them and they are very demanding.




Luxury residential projects



We work on the same projects as the stars in interior design, which is why we have the chance to enter some of the most prestigious and often secret apartments, villas, and mansions of our capital, the French Riviera, and other major cities of the world. They are living spaces for clients who love aesthetics, luxury, and refinement. PLENDI’s discreet and efficient team of engineers, architects, decorators, material specialists, and site managers offers its clients everything they need to design and build their high-end dream without having to manage the logistics involved. We always work using the same guideline of understanding and visualising the final design project before starting to think about construction methods.


This is one of the keys to the success of our projects and respecting our commitments, especially in terms of price and timescale. In addition, we rely on a patiently developed network of partners and craftsmen with widely recognised talents and skills.



Hotel in Paris



Prestigious projects


Working on this type of project is a great opportunity as they tend to be very unusual and extraordinary. It is often a matter of renovating old listed buildings, which generally involves heavy structural work, including underpinning. This is very delicate work which PLENDI, as a high-end builder, fully masters. It is often necessary to create underground levels under the existing buildings to increase surface area. For example, recently, in a private residence in the 16ème arrondissement of Paris, we dug nearly fifteen metres down to add three underground levels to the residence for a nightclub, cinema, and the largest private pool in the city.

Conversely, we also built a replica of Château Vaux-Le-Vicomte on the outskirts of Paris from scratch.  This sixteenth century style mansion and gardens meets the French standards for Historical Monuments. Between authenticity and high technology, the mansion has an underwater lounge in its moat with a view of a unique aquarium in Europe. These projects, the fruit of imagination and desire, are often ‘insane’ and barriers and constraints are of no object.


18 Bar

Mandarin Oriental, Paris


Find out more about your high-end builder


When we work with private customers, even those extremely well advised, we are working with men and women who are not in the property and building business. PLENDI adds real value through its support and advice. We can find you an architect or interior designer for your high-end construction and suggest materials, craftsmen and innovative technologies, whether home automation, acoustics or security – that’s the hallmark of PLENDI by VINCI Construction.




Shangri La, Paris