Renovation of the private mansion, signed by PLENDI

Renovation of the private mansion, signed by PLENDI

PLENDI team has finalized the renovation of a private mansion in Paris, in the heart of 16e arrondissement.



It’s the private mansion from 1887, with decoration inspired by neo-Renaissance.


The renovation included the creation of 3 levels of basement, 15 m of depth, in order to create the biggest private pool in Paris, the cinema, the nightclub and winter garden.

The restoration of the authentic decor, the original ornaments and the decorative painting of the mansion, are custom made, using the old techniques and the exceptional finishes. Thanks to our craftsmen and their specific know-how, all the motifs and the initial decor are redone, while respecting the authenticity of the project.


Thanks to our partners – Ateliers Gohard – specialist in the field of luxury decoration, traditional or contemporary gilding and decorative painting, ILDEI – expert in mosaic, marble, decorationa and stone cladding, Sofrastyl – specialized in staff, stucco and custom plastering.