Renovation of palaces, a specialty of PLENDI by VINCI Construction

PLENDI has many projects of 5-star hotels or palaces in its portfolio. Activity started and developed from 2010 by its founders, when all prestigious hotels in Paris had to make new skins with the arrival of the new distinction of Palaces. PLENDI has also worked on 4 of the 11 Parisian palaces.



The luxury hotel industry according to PLENDI: a very specific know-how


As in every discipline, it takes a lot of work to become the best. Based on this well-known principle, PLENDI has adopted a “pure player” strategy. We work exclusively on luxury projects and half of our activity is for hotels. Thus, we have developed a real know-how for these achievements. Unlike private residential projects, which are frequented by a family, often only a few months in the year, a hotel receives a lot of customers. Standards and constraints are highly regulated and specific. You do not design a kitchen or a hotel room like a villa, you do not build it the same way. All our feedback gained over this type of achievements is a real added value. Most are reflexes for us, but also for our customers because we share them. Even if the large hotel chains still have very technical departments and often very good advisors during the major business, it goes without saying that this is not the heart of a hotelier. Work of this magnitude is not trivial. It is between 18 months and 4 years of construction where the image of the hotel is played, as well as its financial health.


Mandarin Oriental, Paris

The creation of unique and refined frames, a passion craft


We are fortunate to have worked on more than a dozen major renovation projects in Paris, France or abroad. These references are proof of our skills and the testimony of our customers are the best reward it is, their loyalty the most beautiful proof of their satisfaction, our daily goal. As the staff of these hotels, we strive during our work to make them live a beautiful experience!

And to share it, this experience, because we are passionate !! But who would not? We work on often very technical sites, with high-flying constraints (underpinning in the middle of Paris, rehabilitation of hotels without closure of the establishment, the high-end neighborhoods of capitals, it is chic, but not very practical for supplies …), we work for names of hotels that dream and orchestrate trades ancestral and this for the realization of unusual decorative projects, designed by interior designers stars!

Our job is unique and we love it.